Vista Dreamscapes

I recently upgraded to Vista on my home environment and I absolutely love the new Dreamscapes™ Beta!

For those of you who don’t have Vista, Dreamscapes is video/animated desktop wallpapers. Most of them are just a few seconds long, and right now, since the technology is still so new, there aren’t a lot to choose from out there. But imagine the branding possiblities!


I noticed a lot of people were hitting this post since some how I became the #1 ranking site for Vista Dreamscapes. If you’re interested in getting more dreamscapes check out Deskscapes.

Download Deskscapes Here

Then you can pick up free (some of the better ones you may have to pay for) dreamscapes at the following site. They have a limit on the number you can download a day without registering. You WILL have to install Deskscapes to use these. I know some of them are kind of cheesy, but there’s some good ones in there too, I promise. I personally like the Beach Rocks, Bay Bridge, and Timelapse Flower.

Pickup Free Dreamscapes Here

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