Flugtag Texas!

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Here I come Red Bull Flugtag Texas! I’m so excited!

Terralever is flying me out to Austin, Texas to do on-site web updates from the event! While I’m sure I’ll be busy with all the work that is involved with broadcasting event highlights and winner information online, I’m garenteed to have a great time as well.

This will be my FIRST Flugtag event, I’m excited to see the energy and excitement that vibes from the real event. Some of the people that build and compete to fly at these events are DIE HARD fans of Red Bull and the Flugtag event and have been either at or in several events already. I can’t wait to be emersed in this event and really get a feel for everything that goes on there.

While I’ve spent a good year or so doing updates, I’ve never personally met our Red Bull client contacts. It will be great to finally meet some of the great people that make Red Bull such a sucess, and the masterminds behind some of thier largest events.

Not to mention, I hear Austin is a rockin town with lots of great people, live music, and awesome nightlife. I’m orginally from the Mid-West but I haven’t been to Texas too many times. It will be nice to be back in that part of the country.

I’m also looking forward to my fourth round trip flight! Flying makes me so nervous, I keep thinking that my luggage is going to get lost and I’m going to be without clothes for my trip. hehe At least I won’t be taking a dive off the Flugtag platform!

 Anyhow, I’ll be sure to blog about my trip and all the fun I’m having! 🙂

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