Dadisms: Dog gate

Dad is in town visiting… He’s been threatening to build a gate for me to keep Annie and Eddie out of the front yard – keeping them away from children and mailmen they seem to think are so much fun to bark at.

I mention it today (I’ve been mentioning it every time the dogs vocally patrol the front yard since he’s threatened this gate-making of his), and this morning he says –

I fail to see the priority of this situation – since none of us are really being threatened life and limb – you, me, the dogs OR the mailman.

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  • After two months (post gate construction) now the mail man is happy, the birds eating out of the feeder in the front yard, are getting fat and friendly, the grass is regrowing along the edge of the fence, and I was able to put in a couple of small flower beds, one in the corner where the dogs USED to bark at the neighbor kids.

    What I installed was more of a one way valve, than a gate, the dogs can go from the front to the back yard, but not the other way.

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