Design Easter Eggs: Moo Stickers

Sometimes design is all about the details. Recently, the following design Easter egg was pointed out to me. On the inside flap of Moo Stickers is a lil happy guy that says, “You ain’t seen me, right?” and if you break the flap stapled on the other side he says, “Eeek! You broke it. No cookies for you!”.

Secret moo man

Originally uploaded by hallywoods

When the detail is put into these little corners where often it is overlooked by designers and never given a second thought to consumers, something magical happens, a clever little bit of “secret” is shared between designer and consumer, both are enriched by the process.

If you liked this lil design Easter egg, check out Paul Annett’s recent SXSW panel, “Oooh that’s Clever!: Unnatural Experiments in Web Design” on slideshare for more magical design moments both in print, envirnoment and web.

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