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National Blog Posting Month

November, the month of brisk winds, first frosts, pumpkin pie, giving thanks, and now… national blog posting month. That’s right folks, for the month of November I will be posting every day.

While there have been some discussions on how blog posting frequency doesn’t matter, I believe that I truly do have something interesting and even possibly helpful to share with the world every day. If I didn’t feel that way, frankly my life would be pointless.

So, to celebrate this new goal, I’ve created a new blog template for EVofC and I have also purchased in hopes to perhaps switch over to that as my new site, someday. I also plan on building out my about section to feature my 43 things list, music selection, favorites and stories, and flickr photos. I’ve decided instead of updating my about page all the time, it can automatically update for me as I live my life, making it that much easy for you to keep track of me. Kinda scary huh? So keep checking back for that.

I’m also tossing around the idea to maybe create a wordpress theme section and start creating themes for the masses. Perhaps also expanding out to a creative section where I can add tid bits like new wallpapers, photoshop brushes, and creative type links that I use on a regular basis for others to be inspired by.

Anyhow, November’s looking to be a pretty exciting month, and remember to check back EVERY SINGLE DAY for that new bloggy bit by yours truly. If you think you’d like to hear about any topic in particular, feel free to comment and I’ll be sure to look into it. ­čÖé I’m sure by the end of the month I might need some coaxing. hehe


SEO Optimized EVofC

We have recently hired on a GENIUS of a woman named Kay at work. She does all our SEO implimentation and organic keyword creation, etc. Basically, if you want to be in the top 10 on Google, she can make it happen.

While Terralever has always been a results driven company, Kay is amazing in the amount of information she provides clients regarding SEO and organic keyword trafficing. So, being inspired by her wisdom, I’ve sat down this evening and added the All in One SEO Pack for WordPress allowing me to customize my post meta keywords and┬ádescription. To track my success, I’ve also bought into Mint and installed it on my server so I can┬ásee EVERY little move you make my dear visitor… scary eh?

I’ll let you know my progress as I track my way into being a WORLD FAMOUS web guru. hehe Alright, maybe not, but at least I can send Christmas e-mails out to all of my seven visitors!


YAAY Updated!

Just updated my wordpress blog from 2.0 to 2.2 and it’s SWEEET.

┬áLove the widget functionality, it makes updating and customizing my sidebar soo much easier. Plugins are also very awesome, I’ve added Category Cloud, Twitter Tools, and WP Polls┬áto create additional widget wonders! I’m still on the hunt for a flickr widget, so if you’ve got one, please let me know.

┬áI’m still trying to figure out how to widgetable my own layouts, but I found a pretty birdy layout until that happens.


First WordPress Theme


Just finished my first wordpress theme. It was supa simple and pretty fun. WordPress has a sweet tutorial and informational section that lets you know all about WordPress and how to werk it!

Haven’t designed anything in a while so I just HAD to get out some color and sweet vector stuffs. So celebrating spring, I give you spring.fling!

Lemme know if ya like it, or if there’s some theming I missed! Thanks!!

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