Changing Gears: Career Move

I’ve left my position at Terralever as a front end architect to explore other opportunities within the Phoenix area. Over the last few months I’ve developed an interest in other aspects of the web industry, not just xhtml/css. I’d like to expand my abilities in areas such as web marketing strategy, seo/sem, design and other areas in web design and development. Terralever is a great company that provided me with spectacular opportunities to work with big name brands and cutting edge technology. However, each employee is very specialized and a very T shaped professional, while this position allowed me to become very specialized in XHTML/CSS, I didn’t find the flexibility I required to delve into other areas I was interested in.

I have accepted a short term contract with Drawbackwards, a smaller strategic design and interactive marketing agency. I will be filling several roles at Drawbackwards that will enable me to have the flexibility to explore the other areas of the web industry that I’m interested in. Over the last week I’ve been able to create information architecture, SEO/SEM suggestions, project plans, etc. I’m sure this is just the beginning.

I’ve realized that I’m interested in more than just how the web is created. I want to know how people make the web great. Focusing on strategic approaches to connect great companies and services with customers and users whose lives will be enriched by these products, services and relationships.

Look for the tone of my website to change a bit, perhaps less technical and more theoretical. With the career change I’ll have more mobility, working from home three days a week, so I hope to be able to post more often. Also, in early March I’ll be attending the South by Southwest Interactive Conference, so I look forward to posting regarding all the exciting ideas I get from there. 🙂

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  • Big congrats April! Ward Andrews is a genius, you will definitely have fun!

  • Congratulations, April, and good luck! 🙂

  • Hey April,

    We gotta hang out soon. So much to catch up on. Congrats on your big move. Gimme a call sometime, stranger.

  • Congratulations April. You know I certainly love working at home. Showering and getting dressed on ones lunch break is great! I’m sure you’ll do great on your journey.

    And keep hounding me to join you at a Refresh meeting. I’ll get there eventually!

  • Hey April, sounds like you’re enjoying yourself. Thanks for referring to us at Terralever as T shaped – I looked it up and that is truly a compliment.

  • I’m sorry to hear this… but I know how these things go. I know you’ll do great whereever you go. Their loss.

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