I’m a 28 year old female residing in Mesa, Arizona. I moved to the Phoenix Metro area in June 2005. Before moving here, I spent the majority of my life in a small town of 6,000 people, Concordia, Kansas.

I’ve worked with quite a few companies in the valley, but have since created Made Better Studio, which is a marketing and web development studio. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with the trouble twosome Annie & Eddie, my family (mostly my dad) and my friends and colleagues around the valley. I also enjoy staying active with miscellaneous hobbies, such as: practicing belly dance, indoor rock climbing, gardening, trying to learn violin, wearable crafting (not as old lady as you may think), writing in my blog, reading, watching crime shows on TV, playing Wii and xBox 360 console games, drinking coffee and sleeping.

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This little blog happens to be the personal ramblings of one April Holle - I'm female, outspoken, webbie, a community evangelist, and Principal of Made Better Studio. Check out the about section for more info.

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