Saying Goodbye While Saying Hello

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Terralever acquired another space in the Mill Avenue District recently and the production and interactive departments now officially have a new space to play in!It’s interesting how much a change of location makes a difference in the way you work. Today, I feel like I was more productive and happier! Most of this change I think was chalked up the solitude the new space provides us. It’s much quieter and I feel like I’m out of the traffic way.

Today Ritchie and I had an interesting discussion on the complexity of finding the best of the best to come work for us. Some of the challenges we face are a small market, lack of qualified applicants or motivated applicants. We agreed that the best thing about working at Terralever is the amazing staff we do have and how each and every one of us is talented, dedicated and excited about the work we do. I think it’s amazing when you get a group of individuals together for a common goal that time and time again exceeds client expectations and pushes our company and our staff to learn, grow and continue our successful operations. This week marks a sad moment in my time at Terralever however. Rusty, our art director, is moving on and will no longer be manning the Seattle branch office. Rusty is an AMAZING artist, it’s been a dream to work with him and all that he does for design. He’s always light-hearted, willing to bounce back, and has his chin up. His ability to just take life as it comes and not to sweat the small stuff really inspires me. I’ll miss you Rusty. Please keep in touch! 

This week also brings along a new staff member at Terralever. Lindsay is a new production artist and is doing very well to adapting to the Terralever way of work. It’s so nice to have another team mate to share the workload, not to mention she’s pretty neat to hang out with. 😉 Perhaps I’ll have more time to update the blog!  

Until then, keep your chin up and your code clean. 😉

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  • Hey, thanks for all your help today. Your code is rock solid. It makes me feel much better about what we are delivering.

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