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Sooo here’s my lil Christmas List for everyone out there… feel free to be creative and not use the list, but just in case you need one! (Note: not listed by importance)

1. Sony Headphones – my co-workers actually play “Guess That Song” from my headphones, time to get a pair that will atleast keep my music in my ears instead of in the whole office. If you’re interested in purchasing a more intricate headphone, check out these popular picks by SciFi.

2. iTunes Gift Card – I’ve found a new addiction! Buying music legally. 😉

3. iPod Socks – Since Kaleb got me the iPod I take it everywhere with me, and so I’d like these to protect my lil music pal.

4. Razor Copperhead Gaming Mouse in Tempest Blue – because I have Kalebs old one, and I want my own… in blue of course.

5. iRocks Keyboard – Kaleb has this silver keyboard that makes this new keyboard clacky sound that I miss!

6. Starbucks Gift Card – I go to Starbucks atleast three times a week, so if you could save me some cash that would be great! My usual is $4.11, so load the card accordingly. 😉

7. JBL Creature II Speakers – I saw these in the store and I LOVE them.

8. Bath and Body Works Lotion – Anyone who knows me, knows I enjoy lotion, perhaps a bit too much. So, endulge me in my guilty pleasure by hooking me up with any wonderful scent from this fine store.

I’ll add more as I come across them. Please feel free to send me your list!

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