Happy, Sad and Somewhere in the Middle

There are some moments in life that have this perfect duality of Happy and Sad to them. They capture many of the beautiful things in life while some how having that tart center of “reality comes to bite you in the ass”. I often admire these situations in life because very rarely is something so emotionally centered that it can share both extreme happiness and sadness within the same activity.

That being said, today I received this Venn diagram from my boyfriend Shawn Vermillion (he likes it when I give him credit for all the awesomeness he brings to the table), and I suddenly knew that there are other people out there that appreciate the beauty of these life occasions that perfectly depict both happiness and sadness.


Original image is actually on a shirt at Diesel Sweeties, which I fully intend to purchase to proclaim my love for such magnificent emotional moments. Hmm, I wonder if this makes me bipolar…

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