Girls Love Money

Call me a girl who loves money, but I think the security features in all the new American currency are fascinating. The different levels of complexity of design, the material the dollars are made out of, the metallic inks, the list goes on. Anyhow, I was reading The New Old Five Dollar Bill article over at A Brief Message when I got curious as to what the new $5 actually looked like. I followed through to one of their reference links only to find a really cool interactive flash piece that actually goes through, highlights, points out and explains some (I’m sure not all) of the security features that the new currency provides. Neat huh? I’d wager that cost a pretty penny to make. 😉

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  • The Euro has some very cool features also. I think some of the features on the euro are harder to reproduce than the dollar.

    Also, what is nice about the euro(and most other currencies) is that the bills are different sizes and colors. Makes it much harder to give a 10 instead of a 1$. I think they are making the colors a bit different with the new bills, but they are all the same size.

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