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RSS Catching On?

I think I’m seeing an increase in the popularity of RSS feeds. With the advent of digg, delicious, and technorati tapping into your favorite stories and interested topics are easier than ever. Also the google desktop and the Vista widget bar allow super easy access to your bookmarked favorite reads. I see RSS feeds poping up all over and with more attention being drawn to them. LOOK I HAVE AN RSS FEED!


Enso Awesome!

I noticed our Creative team using a nifty program that allows you to create bookmarks to folders and files and then with a tap of the capslock key you can jump to those in an instant.

The name of the program is Enso Launcher, and it makes my life SO much easier!


Silverlight and Zero Gravity

I would like to make a note that MY boyfriend has the top score on our new game Zero Gravity!!

Terralever launched the new game officially today. Zero Gravity is a test of the new Microsoft Silverlight technology and features the lovable and lost astronaut, Lieutenant Bennett.

You can make Lietenant Bennett not so lonely by visiting his MySpace, Facebook, and even his Twitter account. He has a lot to share about his adventures in space!

If you want to visit Lietenant Bennett in Zero Gravity, feel free to play the game and see if you can beat all 25 levels!


Vista Dreamscapes

I recently upgraded to Vista on my home environment and I absolutely love the new Dreamscapes™ Beta!

For those of you who don’t have Vista, Dreamscapes is video/animated desktop wallpapers. Most of them are just a few seconds long, and right now, since the technology is still so new, there aren’t a lot to choose from out there. But imagine the branding possiblities!


I noticed a lot of people were hitting this post since some how I became the #1 ranking site for Vista Dreamscapes. If you’re interested in getting more dreamscapes check out Deskscapes.

Download Deskscapes Here

Then you can pick up free (some of the better ones you may have to pay for) dreamscapes at the following site. They have a limit on the number you can download a day without registering. You WILL have to install Deskscapes to use these. I know some of them are kind of cheesy, but there’s some good ones in there too, I promise. I personally like the Beach Rocks, Bay Bridge, and Timelapse Flower.

Pickup Free Dreamscapes Here

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