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If you don’t have anything to do tomorrow night, check out Refresh Phoenix.

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Joshua Strebel of obu Web Technologies Inc. will be introducing our guest speaker; author and business consultant, Andy Fuehl.

Things are finally settling into place for me. This new job is going to be really good for me. They’re responsive, team oriented, goal oriented, helpful, honest, willing to teach, willing to learn and so much more. I feel like I really have found a place to grow and learn. I’m no longer bored, or watching the clock. The days fly by and I feel productive.

In other news, today, while I was going to a client meeting, I noticed a familiar face, a woman who I was originally subletting a room with when I first moved here, and whom I hold a lot of resentment for. I try not to stay angry with people who give me a raw deal, but just seeing her today brought back some harsh feelings. I remember first moving here, with no friends or family, not knowing anyone or really anything about what I was getting into. I move in, and instantly I feel like I live with REAL parents, not the type I grew up with (the cool, understanding parents) but the kind that inflict curfews and laws around the house. Not really a feeling I care to have while I’m paying to live somewhere. Anyways, long story short, she kicked me out in two weeks with no where to go because I frequented two bars in one week… I had just moved here for crying out loud! So, I left and then she starts making a fit about all these bills I need to pay and how the carpet needs to be cleaned after two weeks with my dog. Please! Anyhow, sorry to vent, but just seeing her face makes my skin crawl with resentment.


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So yesterday was my last day at Holy Click! We had a lil party, they made me my favorite dish in the whole world, snow crab, and we had cake. Yumm! Cake! The cake was decorated with care and love as they wrote “For Fucks Sake!” on the top of it. That, my dear friends is my usual saying when clients call with horrible requests, so it was just fitting for my going-away bash. I’ll miss everyone there, but will stay in close contact, so don’t think you got away from me! Thank you guys for everything you’ve done for me.



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So guys and gals, I’ve got a new job! I start work at Terralever on the 5th of July. I can’t tell you how excited I am about my new position and how much fun it’s going to be to get back to code.

I miss long days and nights of trying to piece together things that may not work. It’s the whole challange of getting a layout, and making it show up right for everything. I am having a blast revisiting this part of my life, and I hope the excitement doesn’t slow down any time soon.

I just wanted to say thanks to:

>> all the Refresh Phoenix poeple out there that really made a difference in my decision to change jobs. Without you I feel like I wouldn’t have had the confidence to really go out there and grab what I wanted.
>> myco, for keeping the secret for so long
>> Jen, Scott, and Chris @ Terralever for letting me interview and really liking me for who I am
>> the rest of the Terralever staff for making me feel so welcome at the Happy Hour I attended last night
>> and most of all, Kaleb, my lovable bf for all the suppore he’s shown me, even when I told him he’d have to support me if I got fired

    Thanks again guys. You really made this dream come true for me and I hope you know how much each and every one of you impacts someone else’s life!

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