SEO Optimized EVofC

We have recently hired on a GENIUS of a woman named Kay at work. She does all our SEO implimentation and organic keyword creation, etc. Basically, if you want to be in the top 10 on Google, she can make it happen.

While Terralever has always been a results driven company, Kay is amazing in the amount of information she provides clients regarding SEO and organic keyword trafficing. So, being inspired by her wisdom, I’ve sat down this evening and added the All in One SEO Pack for WordPress allowing me to customize my post meta keywords and description. To track my success, I’ve also bought into Mint and installed it on my server so I can see EVERY little move you make my dear visitor… scary eh?

I’ll let you know my progress as I track my way into being a WORLD FAMOUS web guru. hehe Alright, maybe not, but at least I can send Christmas e-mails out to all of my seven visitors!

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